10 Jun

Have you ever thought about how your day to day routine seems to demand that you go in a particular direction—an almost predetermined one?  Think about it.  You wake up in the morning at the crack of dawn and stagger, without will, into the bathroom to brush your teeth and shower—so that you smell fresh and clean for close conversations at the water cooler.  You half- heartedly wrap yourself in a suit that must have been designed by someone who lived in a climate with a constant 50 degree temperature, with that thing tied around your neck that for some reason resembles a noose.  All of this you do so you don’t offend the office dress code.  Like some giant magnet you are drawn out into the world to fight traffic with the rest of the paper clip cattle trying to be the first to make contact with your destination.  Some are driven down this lane toward that exit, while others drift onto the turnpike and you onto the toll road, every one going in the direction that their masterfully orchestrated traffic lights, reflective lights, and carpool lanes have determined for them.  So go you into the work place lobby where you scurry to board the next available elevator that will lead you to a narrower path toward your cubicle.  Then you find yourself at your stall ready for the slaughter where every useful part of your skills will be parted out and sold at wholesale to their respective specialized markets.  By the end of the day what’s left of you can only be put on ice to be thawed out the next morning and sliced up again.

So have you thought about whose driving your cattle?

To be continued…


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4 Aug

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